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GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS TRY-Episode 1: The Boy Who Calls The Wind (ENG sub)

Fumina Hoshino, president of the Seiho Academy's Gunpla Battle Club, is flustered. Since she is currently the Battle Club's only member, it won't be able to enter ...

GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS -Episode 1: Sei and Reiji (ENG sub)

Sei Iori aims to participate in the Gunpla Battle Championship World Tournament, but despite his skill at building models, he can't control them in battle.

GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS TRY-Episode 23: Build Fighter (ENG sub)

The teams advancing to the final round of the Gunpla Battle Japanese Under-19 Championship are the Try Fighters, who have narrowly defeated Minato Sakai's ...

GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS TRY-Episode 2: Team Up, Try Fighters! (ENG sub)

Having transferred to the Seiho Academy, Sekai discovers that he and Yuuma are in the same class. He challenges Yuuma to a battle but is bluntly rejected.

GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS-Episode 19: Astray's Blade (ENG sub)

The next opponent for the Sei and Reiji team is Nils Nielsen, the young prodigy known as the Early Genius. His Sengoku Astray, which uses an arsenal of ...

GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS TRY-Episode 12: To Fly To the Future (ENG sub)

The Try Fighters have been utterly defeated by Gundam The End, the Gunpla controlled by Saga Adou of the Gunpla Academy. Yuuma is unable to hide his ...

GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS-Episode 13: Battle Weapon (ENG sub)

The World Tournament enters its third period, which consists of one-on-one battles using only the original weapons prepared by the tournament organizers.

GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS TRY-Episode 15: Reborn Try Fighters (ENG sub)

Once upon a time, the Gunpla Battle world championship was held at the PPSE Stadium. After the Plavsky particle accident seven years ago, the damaged ...

GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS TRY-Episode 13: Beyond The Knuckle (ENG sub)

Having recovered from his battle with Adou, Sekai heads for the Labs' workshop to repair the Build Burning Gundam, and encounters a mysterious girl. Thanks ...

GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS TRY-Episode 9: Showdown At Solomon (ENG sub)

The Try Fighters' opponent in the final round will be last year's regional champion, team G-Master from the Miyazato Institute. The two teams prepare for the final ...

GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS TRY-Episode 19: Fateful Reunion (ENG sub)

After receiving spare parts for the Build Burning from his sister China, Yuuma is on his way back to the lodging house when he runs into a gang of delinquents.

GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS TRY-Episode 20: Unbreakable Heart (ENG sub)

In the quarterfinals of the Gunpla Battle Japanese Championship, the showdown between Sekai Kamiki and Junya Inose, who are both students of the Jigen ...

GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS TRY-Episode 21: Blue Wings (ENG sub)

The members of the best 4 teams in the Gunpla Battle Japanese Championship gather, and a drawing is held to determine the brackets for the semifinals.


Having achieved their first victory in the practice match with Gyanko, the Try Fighters are training hard for the regional qualifiers which will be held in one month.

GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS-Episode 22: Meijin vs Meijin (ENG sub)

As the second match of the tournament quarterfinals approaches, Meijin Kawaguchi's opponent is changed. The new fighter's name is Julian Mackenzie, and ...

GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS TRY-Episode 10: Gunpla Collection. (ENG sub)

The Try Fighters have won the West Tokyo qualifying tournament for the Gunpla Battle Japanese Championship. As Sekai recovers from the damage of ...

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