Video we got married yoona and taecyeon eng sub ep 1

Taecyeon & Yoona - Choosing Partners

English subbed - FO2 episode 16 Ok Detector!! If they get to be on WGM, i think they're going to bickering all day! hahaha.

Taecyeon & Yoona - Happy Birthday

this was so sweet! Taec was all shy haha ^^ he gave her a necklace with the Y initial and you know, necklace is Yoona's most favorite accessory.

SNSD Yoona & Taeyeon - MBC We Got Married

[ENG SUB] WGM khuntoria ep 56 part 1/3

Enjoy ~ ^ ^ victoria nickhun credits to RM subs.

[VietSub] GLOBAL We Got Married - Taecyeon & GuiGui Ep 1

Phụ Đề được VietSub bởi 2pmhottests Like và Share Page để theo dõi các couple tiếp theo nhé ...

We Got Married season 4 feat. Kyuhyun & Yoona

my first fan made vid ever and it was Kyuhyun & Yoona. I'm a certified Musketeer. Let's spread the love of KyuNa :)) EDIT: Okaaaaay, this is just a FANMADE V...

Global We Got Married - Global We Got Married_EP01(Taecyeon&Emma Wu)_20130408_우리 결혼했어요 세계판_EP01(택연&오영결)

Global We Got Married_EP01(Taecyeon&Emma Wu)_20130408 우리 결혼했어요 세계판_EP01(택연&오영결) Global Real Wedding Story Lovely Couple ...

Taecyeon yoona vs. Soheechul

_^.Poor Sohee &

[Vietsub][HD] 130609 We Got Married Global ep 10 [2PM Taecyeon calls miss A Suzy]

Website: Facebook: Twitter: Thanks wonderAjype for the raw video.

[FanFic] Trailer 3 Special Edition - Taecyeon & Yoona -

TaecYoon for WGM: - was made by kt1171 from ...

[Trailer] Taecyeon & Yoona - We Got Married ver.A

우결 나오면 진짜 좋겠어요 ^^ 완전 잘 어올리구요~~ 택연윤아 짱!!! waiting for the day Taecyoon can be on WGM ^^

[ENG] We Got Married EP 11 Part 1 - Taeyeon & Hyungdon [04.12.09]

Episode 11 of Jelly and Pudding couple Part 2: Enjoy c: Credit:SoshiSubs Thanks for all your ...

Global We Got Married EP15 (Taecyeon&Emma Wu)#1/3_20130712_우리 결혼했어요 세계판 EP15 (택연&오영결)#1/3

Global We Got Married EP15 (Taecyeon&Emma Wu)#1/3_20130712 우리 결혼했어요 세계판 EP15 (택연&오영결)#1/3 Global Real Wedding Story Lovely ...

[Engsub] We Got Married Yongseo Ep 1 - Ep 5 | Seohyun and Jung Yong Hwa

Eng sub WGM We Got Married Seohyun and Jung Yong Hwa, Ep 1, Ep 2, Ep 3, Ep 4, Ep 5 Yongseo couple English SUB 2014 we got married khuntoria eng sub ...

1[vietsub] WGM taecyeon guigui ep 1_1

Taecyeon & Suzy Live at JYP Nation One Mic BKK - Nobody's Business [Fans Cam]

2pm nichkhun and taecyeon speaking english 2pm taecyeon 2014 2pm taecyeon english 2pm taecyeon speaking english emma wu and taecyeon 2014 emma ...

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